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Traveling the roads of Europe for over ten years, Irish-Canadian singer-songwriter Morgan Finlay has woven his talent for melody, poignant observations and passion for humanity into a fan-made success story. From the electricity of his very first single ‘zensong’, which climbed to #2 on the Australian Independent Radio charts, through eight releases and nearly six hundred shows, Finlay’s powerful voice and honest storytelling have brought him acclaim and a passionate following, who have financed three successful IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaigns, decided his album songlists, hosted concerts and directed videos. Always pushing ahead, Finlay’s plans for 2016 include recording a new album in Spain, interesting musical collaborations, over sixteen weeks on tour across Europe and in the summer, crossing Germany on a bicycle while performing exclusive living room concerts.

"…Finlay is a clever, genre-bending singer/songwriter that takes experience and observation and accounts for an enjoyable and poignant excursion into his head.”

“Die warme aber doch distanziert klingende Stimme von Morgan Finlay sorgt für eine positive Atmosphäre, welche die Songs mit ihren intelligenten Arrangements und den durchdachten Texten nur noch verstärken.” (Vampster)

"He's kind of a force of nature, his Canadian hardiness makes it so he can't help but sort of overcome the audience by force... but with a smile on his face all the while." (Ken Stringfellow)

“His style is enthusiastic with a strong, unmistakable voice. In all, he is a very talented musician with emotional lyrics and... a classical singer-songwriter attitude.” (Mausefalle-Bonn)

"Als gekonnter Geschichtenerzähler... mit wandlungsfähiger Stimme und exzellentum Akustik-Gitarrenspiel zog er das Publikum... vom ersten bis zum letzten Ton in seinen Bann." (Chemnitz Sonnenberger)

“Morgan Finlay beweist sich als moderner Singer/Songwriter mit den Wurzeln ganz tief in der Tradition.” (Ein Achtel Lorbeerblatt)

“His voice … is supported by his poetic, metaphorical lyrics; his music takes us on a trip, but we have to make the experiences ourselves.” (milchmithonig.de)