Past journal entries


Wednesday March 16, in the Black Forest

Greetings my friends!

I wish you the best as the seasons transform and it's time to get back outside! The Good Winds Tour kicked off six days ago as we roared through Mainz, Hennef/Bonn and Wuppertal. So many stories already and lots of new faces around!

It was my first time playing at Mayence Acoustique in Mainz, at Rolf's house concert near Bonn, and at the Zweistein in Wuppertal... and each environment was friendly and fun. Special thanks to Michael and Birgit in Mainz, Ingo and Pat in Hennef, and Kay and Basti in Wuppertal. (And Mathew James White for connecting us!)

I've already put over 1000 kms on this dashing rental car of mine (first time not on the train in nine years!) and there are approximately 3000 more to go before I hand over the keys in Frankfurt. Next stops are back up the west side of Germany through Kerpen and Düsseldorf, back down south again to meet my cousin Milo McMahon to rock the last four shows of this string of March/April dates.

For more pictures and regular updates, click on through to my Facebook page or join the 'trackers' on BandsInTown... meanwhile, check out the 'coming shows' page to find a show near you!

Enjoy the start of the spring season and see you soon!

truly, Morgan


Greetings my friends, from the top of the year in Sevilla,

I hope that you are spending the first day of 2016 feeling relaxed and well. At the same time, that you are feeling focused, and committed to having a fulfilling year of life ahead!

Myself I’m starting the year in Spain, exploring the lifestyle and learning the streets. It’s not hard to relax into the rhythm here; the pace is like nothing I’ve known before. Just what I needed.

So I’m enjoying the nice calm that has followed what was perhaps the best year yet for my music, and for me personally. Allow me to indulge myself in a quick recap!

The whole thing began with a fantastic spring season in blossoming Vancouver, a killer tour with Christoph Schellhorn, a game-changing crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo (take a bow you guys!) and precious and warm summer send-offs with the house concert series in Vancity in July.

Then of course as the summer came I bounced from Abbotsford, and landed in St. John’s, where the quest began to write and record an album in Newfoundland-- an adventure of a lifetime.

With our brave ‘New Harbour’ written and demoed, it was off to visit family in Nova Scotia, then flying into Toronto to see friends, followed by the cross-ocean flight to finally taste southern Spain.

And just to put the ‘exclamation mark’ on 2015 came this ‘New Harbours Tour’... forty-four fun and connected nights in front of crowds full of new and old listeners. I loved getting on to all these different stages across Germany and Switzerland, and I played up to seven songs from ‘New Harbour’ every night; they slipped into my sets so naturally. I actually almost can’t remember my life before these new tunes..!

photo ©2015 Martina Dreher

All together, over the kilometers traveled (July 27 to Dec 25… 36,509 kms traveled in 80 inter-city trips), I’ve had a lot of fun and even done some learning… about myself, my fellow humans, my joys and even my limits. I feel privileged to have gotten these chances. And I couldn’t have done it without you, and your support.

As you know me, even for chilling out like this-- I’m already slipping back into the blocks. So far I can tell you that we’ll kick things off in March with a quick run through Germany, which will include a few dates at the tail-end with my cousin Milo McMahon!.. then an early summer bolt through eastern Germany that could include a return to the Czech Republic.
The fall will see me back in Switzerland, passing through Italy, cooking up a new autumn release, and riding from Basel to Copenhagen on a bike.

SO! let’s wrap this mail and get back to our gentle year-start, amigos...

...with best wishes to everybody in my beloved MF world, that have seen me through this one. All the talents I’ve had the luck to have worked and played with... lifelong friends, and those I’ve reconnected with... my family... friends and fans of my music who supported the idea of going out to Newfoundland to make an album... everybody who came out to see me play... promoters and hosts who brought me to perform for their crowds...

For this beautiful day, the beautiful ‘now’; I hope you take pause to enjoy the good things around you. Thank you so much for spinning my songs into your life.

truly, Morgan



                                                                                                                                                                           photo ©2015 Torsten Rudolph
Monday, November 2 in Chemnitz

Good morning from the sunny East!

It's a beautiful start to the week out here in Chemnitz, as we reach over the halfway point of this terrific New Harbours Tour... WHAT an unbelievably warm and connected string of stages from the last 5 weeks on the road. I send my very best wishes to everyone who has been there, and everyone who will be there in the next five weeks!
(check out the tourdates page for all coming shows)

And now, finally... we have arrived at a huge stage for 'New Harbour', our Newfoundland album; it's time to mix and master these ten songs and make them glow, in time for the release on December 1st! The album could not be in better hands, than those of the fine folks at SoundJack Tonstudios; between Stephan, Norman and Jacko these songs are becoming so big and bright!! Just the way I dreamed them when I wrote them.

To say that I am excited and happy is a huge understatement. This album, these songs and all the supporters and friends who have gotten involved, and followed along since the IndieGoGo kick-off in June... all mean so much to me. I am so proud of what has come about since then, and I am absolutely BURNING to make you the best album of my career so far. These songs have come alive, night after night since I hit the road and I am literally looking forward with a heart full of positivity and confidence every time I get to roll them out.

So... back to work here!! Please keep it locked on the site here for updates, and meanwhile of course you can check out my Facebook page for up-to-the-minute details and pictures. Thank you so very much for coming on this mission with me my friends!!


photo ©2015 Simon
Monday, October 12, in Heidelberg


We are fully up and running along the roads of the New Harbours Tour.... steering through one fantastic room after the other. Filled with wonderful people and always a feedback loop of appreciation, warmth and reflection. It's a flurry of positive energy and I am having the time of my life out here!

Please click on through to the tour dates page, or the BandsInTown calendar on the right to find yourself a seat the next time I'm around.

Alles bestens! from Morgan



Saturday, October 3 in Remscheid

It's a huge day for me, and for our Newfoundland album! After all the writing, the recording, the demo posting, then finally the song vote... and over a month of anticipation since I left St John's...
it's time to release the names of the ten songs that have made the album tracklist.

Thank you infinitely for your patience as I added up the votes and move from town to town on the New Harbours Tour!

The top-voted songs (from a record number of MF voters!) are:

#1. Quiet Harbour
#2. The One That Got Away
#3. My Good & Noble Friend
#4. Oh The Good Times
#5. Microscopic
#6. Until The Next Time
#7. So Courageous
#8. The Prayer
#9. Pixels
#10. Sun Dogs

I LOVE these song votes!! and it has been a THRILLING time, to see your names come into my inbox and then put check marks beside the songs that 'grabbed you' the most. Many people have asked me, 'What about the songs that don't make the vote?'.. and the answer is that 1) some will be played live and so will live on in this way, and 2) one song is going to become a video, shot in the mixing studio, that is going straight to FinlayTV. More on all this later...

Thank you all once again, so very much for participating and helping to shape this album. It has come together in the most beautiful, organic and Newfoundlander way and will be close to my heart forever.
Now-- to work this thing into a masterpiece! It's on to some more recording, of my own parts and of Stephan Nobis' astonishing piano, then to the mix and master, all the while building the album booklet which will be bigger and bolder than ever.

Please do drop a line any time, and in the meantime of course I hope that we see you at a coming show!

All the best from the road, from Morgan


The New Harbours Tour has begun with a TSCHAKA! up here in Northern Deutschland... With beautiful evenings in Bordesholm and Sankt Peter-Ording under our belts, next up are Hanover, Remscheid and Herne. Every corner, friends old and brand new... and the new Newfoundland songs feel so GREAT to play!! 

Click through to the tour dates page for the updated calendar (*just added*... my first two shows ever in Cottbus, and a night at the Happy Shop in Chemnitz!), or follow along on Facebook! 



photo ©2015 Ritche Perez
Saturday, September 15 in Sevilla

WHEW!! What a day!!

We've arrived a point that I've been aiming at since June, since before we kicked off our IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign; I would be as brave as to say, a point that we've been waiting for since Fault Lines dropped in 2013.

The release of the demos for the song vote for our Newfoundland album!!

Click here to hear the songs that I wrote on The Rock in August, and vote for the songs that YOU think should be on the new record.

Tweaked and re-tweaked, tuned and dialled and accesorized, these mixes that I've made are as ready as they are ever going to be. I only got to bed at 5am last night and leapt out of bed this morning with a fantastic energy to get these ready to be published.

Read more about it and enjoy your listens of some of the best work I have ever done, right here on the song vote page. Looking forward to hearing which ones you like the best!!

Buen provecho, from Morgan


Saturday, September 12th in Sevilla

Hola from this lovely city of the south, my friends!

After some flight changes, lost luggages and extreme caffeination, your friend Morgan made it safe and sound (and muy cansado) down to the river's edge in Andalucia. What a lovely place to be, in the midst of making the new Newfoundland album, preparing for the New Harbours Tour, and getting set to launch our upcoming song vote!

There are so many visuals that I can barely take any pictures. I am endeavouring to be wholly in the moment and adjusting to my new routine. More visuals will surely soon follow...
In the meantime, a big piece of the wonderful puzzle that is the Newfoundland album booklet has landed, in Jennifer Butler's images from New Harbour!

You can see more of her work on her official Ghost Work Photography website, or on her Ghost Work Facebook page... soon will begin the process of sorting through hers, Ritche's, Jess', Nico and my pictures to make a superb and eye-popping album booklet.
More as it happens.... thanks to all the talented photographers who have captured the essence of the experience for us never to forget! 

Back to the mixes... *Song vote* begins on September 15th and runs until September 30th at midnight. Come on up and have your say, in 72 hours!

Buenos días, amigos.


Tuesday, September 8th in Toronto

Exciting times from the capital!!

After all the road that has led to this marvelous city... all the way back to Vienna and the launch of our IndieGoGo campaign, through our amazing mission to Newfoundland from Vancouver, and the pass through Nova Scotia... after all the inspirations and the writing and recording and collaborating that took place on the Rock... it is on to the next phase of the album production.

And that is-- it's nearly time for:

** The Newfoundland Album Song Vote!! **

Yes!! I am SUPER thrilled to lay out these demos for you and get your say.

Tune in here, to starting on September 15th to vote for your favourite 9 songs from the field of demos that I wrote in the month of August. YOU will be the one who helps decide which songs I include on this thrilling new album!!
Once I have collected all the votes (voting ends September 30th) I will choose the tenth and final song. And WE.... will have an album!

Please keep checking back here, or on my official Facebook page for updates as we go...

Now off to Chicago and on to España. Thanks always for support and for being involved in my music!


                                                                                                        ©2015 Ritche Perez

Thursday, August 27th in Mount Pearl

With only a handful of days left in the Newfoundland adventure album sessions, local star photog Ritche Perez shot all the MF action, from the studio to the fields and the cliffs. Too many great shots of the land and sea, and the recording sessions and the ambience, to even mention. Suffice it to say the album booklet is going to be *stunning*, especially when we add in Annie's cabin shots, Jess' everywhere shots and Nico and my's snapshots.

Click through for Ritche's Flickr page, and Annie's Ghost Work FB page.


Sunday, August 17th in New Harbour 

Hello my friends, and happy August! 

It has been a fantastic month here in Newfoundland and it is hard to believe that we are already halfway through this wild and wonderful NL experience. It has been inspiring on a number of fronts and I can't wait to finally release the demos that I have written, in September!! As of tonight, I've written 20 songs that will forever encapsulate the experience, the vibe and the memories of Newfoundland for me. And I expect still more demos in the next nine days... 

With less than two weeks left on the Rock, my focus has shifted to what needs to be finished before I leave on August 31st. The progress of the recordings has been smooth and I am expecting to record three wonderful local players on mandolin, accordion, guitar and more next week. 

The thanks that I need to send out are MULTIPLE-- and very heartfelt-- but first and foremost I must thank everyone who funded this fabulous IndieGoGo project, and the pivotal Adrian & Jess, and Andrea. None of this would have looked the same, or felt the same, without your support. XO 

Stay tuned for updates from the final stretch on the Rock, and all points forward including Halifax, Bridgewater, Toronto and Sevilla... before the road takes over and we are saddled up and ready to hit the New Harbours Tour!! 
Goodness, how I love to get out there... and how I can't wait to play these songs for you, my friends. 

So onwards! Enjoy the rest of the summer out and please drop a line any time to info at morganfinlay dot com. Alles gute and thank you as always for checking in and reading along! 

truly, Morgan

Monday, July 27 in Calgary

Is it time to fly yet??

Words from Alberta everybody! It's a couple hours layover here, before the night flight to St. John's. What a whirlwind it was, in the lead-up to my last day on the coast! 
I can hardly believe that I managed to do most everything I needed to do, and see most everyone that I wanted to see, although I will surely remember something that got forgotten once I am on the other side of the country(!!)... 

Last night before I left, was the third of three super-special hometown living room shows, that featured an opening set from the Whiskey Nobles! The vibes in the room, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, were so warm and friendly that I was just in heaven. Many of the people who came had never been to a house concert before, and I can say with confidence that these nights were unforgettable for everyone. 

Time to go and find some food before shuttling on to the next flight-- holy COW this is really happening!! Only 7.5 more hours until Adrian and Jess pick me up from the airport in Newfoundland, and I wander into St. John's to get my first good impressions. Here we go my friends!

Wednesday, July 15 in the West End 

Here's wishing you a BEAUTIFUL day my friend! I'm back and walking it off in the big city, pacing out the moments one after the other in these last 12 little days of Van time. 
How on earth to fit all my favourite hometown things into this tiny stretch?!  

Well, time IS elastic isn't it-- one minute you can hear the tick of the clock in the still and quiet, and the next minute it wants to explode out from under your skin.  

SO IT IS-- with the dawn of this exciting Newfoundland adventure so close at hand!! At the same time as I've been personally reaching out to contributors to give thanks, writing songs, being present in final visits with friends, packing my suitcase and my moving bins (and going to my last dental appointment this afternoon-- Youch!), my wonderful homegrown Newfoundlander friends Andrea, Adrian and Geraldine have been stirring up great options on The Rock for accommodations, musician connections, designers and photographers and more. 

Meanwhile, I've spoken with salt-of-the-earth people at the Long & McQuade music store in St. John's, and at the t-shirt/hoodie print shop; it feels GREAT to include as much Newfoundland talent and skill as possible into our album!  

So there is a burst of activity going on as we rush forward towards the flight on the 27th... watch this page for pictures and stories as we roll!! So many exciting things to come, and it's all because YOU are making it happen.   

Yours truly, Morgan


Friday July 3, in North Vancouver 

It has been an unbelievable ride. In the 47 short days of our campaign on IndieGoGo, we have blown past our goal to land at 149% funded!! 

This means all kinds of good things for my new album, and for the entire Newfoundland project; this means that the music can take place in a relaxed frame. It means that I can afford to give some money to the musicians... it means that I can hire a great photographer, and make a full-colour album booklet. 

It means that a strong bunch of people who enjoy my music, have come together to help me make more of it. 

It will be days before it all sinks in... in the meantime, THANK YOU to all who supported our campaign, to the IndieGoGo MF Inner Circle team who broadcast our efforts to the world, to all who enjoy my songs but were not able to support, and to all who patiently endured my frequent emails and posts. 

The next countdown-- because there's always a countdown!--  is at 24 days until my flight to The Rock!! My writing book will be out from the moment we leave the ground in Abbotsford. What an amazing time to create. 

More updates as they happen, in this amazing MF summer!! 

All the best from the coast, and thank you for helping this exciting new album come true, 

from Morgan 

                                                                                                                    photo ©2015 Nico Rivela

Tuesday June 30, in South Hill

Greetings my friends! 

The *final 20 hours* have arrived for our Newfoundland Morgan Finlay album campaign, and I want to invite you one last time to come on up and find a way to be involved in our thrilling 'album on The Rock'! 

There are 20 hours left to find your name in the beautiful album booklet, stuffed with gorgeous pictures of Newfoundland, lyrics and more, that will document forever the Finlay experience writing songs on the edge of the world. 
Please come and join us! 

It has been QUITE a night over here in Vancouver, deep in the Pacific Time Zone, as the IndieGoGo Newfoundland campaign comes to a close. What a journey. 

...and I have to say, as we turn the page on the calendar to look at July 1st and celebrate Canada Day... it is the perfect day to be thinking (constantly) about exploring the brave borders of my beloved homeland. 
I'm feeling big bright skies.... warm and open people... and constant musical flow!! 

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who has pushed us, supported me, to where I can afford to go on this unbelievable mission. I am going to make you proud. 

Much love and gratitude and hope to play for you again soon!! 

liebe gruss from Morgan

Sunday June 14, in Vancouver 

Massive weekend of heart and soul under this huge Vancouver sun!! Saturday night saw our brave Newfoundland IndieGoGo campaign cross the goal line after only 28 days... setting the stage for a VERY thrilling final run to July 1st!! 

MF Newfoundland campaign on IndieGoGo 

*THANK YOU TO ALL* who have supported us so far... and please continue to pass around the link to our campaign!! I really want to print YOUR name in the album booklet, and include you in this wild MF family affair!! 

And you can be sure that every single pre-ordered Newfoundland album and perk purchase counts towards our album costs, and helps this album plan come together, and make sense. 

Watch this page for a final 'bonus perk', a third video, updates and ideas coming in the next week... and thank you again for your support and faith! It is an electric time for me and my music... with YOU in the driver's seat!! 

Yours truly, Morgan


Saturday June 6, in South Hill 

Wishing you a dynamite start to the weekend my friends!! 

It's a big sky full of sunshine out here in Vancouver and it makes the perfect backdrop to a fantastic weekend for me.  

Just as I was posting the second video for our Newfoundland IndieGoGo campaign to the campaign page, the campaign reached $5,000 funded! 
It looks very, VERY much like it is time to pack my bags for the adventure album of my life (so far!)... 

WHAT a big deal this is for me. The way our crowd has evolved and grown, come together link by link... How it feels in times like these that we are all somehow moving together!! 

I seriously can't wait to post these songs, that I've written in Newfoundland, Canada (how much closer to the Arctic can you stand?) in time for the song vote in September. Wow. 

I feel loved and honoured, and valued as a musician. Thank you to everyone for being involved. 

Enjoy your summer days!.. and always feel free to drop a line on the contact page here or on my official Facebook page. 

Last but not least, look for an exciting first look at the MF autumn tourdates, coming on *Saturday, July 4th*... How I love, love LOVE hitting the road! 

Todo bien! from Morgan

(Deutsch übersetzung, runter!)

May 22, 2015 in Vancouver

Hello everybody, from the sunny coast!

Fresh off the Brave Souls Tour, I feel amazing and I’m loaded up with inspiration. Thank you to all who have contributed to our campaign so far!

Now already just days since the tour ended, I’m thinking… this is the perfect time to do some house-cleaning!!

As many of you know, I am moving from Canada back to Europe at the end of the year, and to prepare myself for this task I am going through all my belongings to decide what is— and what is not— coming with me overseas.

I’ve decided I can’t bring over most of my favourite CD’s and DVD’s…. which brings us to our first 'MF Newfoundland' bonus perk!

Starting today, the first 33 contributors who contribute $50CAD or more to our Newfoundland campaign (between May 15 and June 15, 2015) will receive two CDs (or one double-disc CD, or one DVD) of their choice from my very much-adored home collection

** Please read these important notes, to understand more. ** 

#1. This ‘bonus perk’ is only available to contributors of $50CAD or more (sorry!).

#2. Contributors will get the chance to choose from my personal collection of CDs/DVD, in the order that their perk was bought (between May 15 and June 15). 

#3. Each contributor gets a choice of 1 item from the A-list, and 1 item from the B-list for a total of 2 items; OR 1 double-CD album or DVD.

1 A-List CD + 1 B-List CD


1 Double CD



# 4. All CD’s/DVD’s/books are used and all come in the condition that they are in (ex. old or cracked CD cases will not be replaced). The music/movie on each of the CD’s/DVD’s available is intact. The package will also come with a short personal note!

#5. Postage is included, to anywhere in the world. 

#6. You can find the list of CD/DVD titles that are available here on, under the heading 'IGG Bonus Perk'!

So have a look for your favourite 'MF Newfoundland' perk and take advantage of this bonus perk to score still more new music!
(And get an idea of some of what's been influencing me all this time)...

Good times, from Morgan



Liebe Supporter, liebe Besucher – Hallo von der Sonnenküste!

Zurück von der „Brave Souls Tour“ fühle ich mich --- und voller Inspiration. Ich denke, es ist an der Zeit, mein Heim etwas auf- und auszuräumen.

Einige von Euch werden es wissen, dass ich am Ende dieses Jahres  von Kanada nach Europa umziehen werde. Und während ich mich darauf vorbereite schaue ich so meine Schätze durch und sortiere aus, was mit über den Atlantic geht und was nicht.

Die meisten meiner CDs und DVDs kann ich aber wirklich nicht mitnehmen … und das bringt uns zum ersten Bonus-Dankeschön!

Ab heute bekommen die ersten 33 Supporter, die im Zeitraum vom 15.06. – 15.07.2015$50CAD oder mehr für die Neufoundland-Kampagne beisteuern 2 CDs (oder 1 Doppel-CD oder 1 DVD) ihrer Wahl aus meiner sehr geliebten Privatkollektion.

** Bitte lest diese wichtigen Hinweise zum besseren Verständnis: **

1.      Dieses Bonus-Dankeschön ist nur verfügbar für Supporter, die $50CAD oder mehr spenden.

2.      Die berechtigten Supporter können ihre CD/DVD aus meiner persönlichen Sammlung wählen in der Reihenfolge, in der die Dankeschöns erworben wurden.

3.      Jeder Supporter kann 1 Stück aus  der A-Liste und 1 Stück aus der B-Liste wählen, insgesamt also zwei Stück ODER 1 Doppel-CD ODER 1 DVD. Damit gibt es 3 Auswahlmöglichkeiten:


1 CD (A-Liste) + 1 CD (B-Liste)


1 Doppel-CD




4.      Alle CDs/DVDs sind gebraucht und werden in dem Zustand geliefert, in dem sie sich befinden. Alte oder kaputte Hüllen werden nicht ersetzt. Musik oder Film auf jeder CD/DVD sind korrekt abspielbar. Das Päckchen enthält weiterhin einen kurzen persönlichen Brief.

5.      Versandkosten (auch weltweit) fallen nicht an.

6.      Ihr findet die Liste mit den verfügbaren CDs/DVDs auf unter dem Menü „IGG Bonus Perk“.

Also schaut Euch die Liste an, sucht Euch Euer zusätzliches Dankeschön aus und genießt den Bonus, noch mehr neue Musik zu hören!

Alles Gute,



february 1, 2015 in Vancouver

Good morning world!! It’s been a few weeks of blessed quiet.

I hope the start of 2015 has been very successful for you, and that you have maintained the spirit and energy of hope that was whispering in your ear, back on December 31st...

I’ve selfishly taken January for myself, to get up some ideas, pick up the guitar, make up some music and just… exist. It’s been great. Non-stop living and growing. So many things going on in my head— and in the world around us.

Thank you as always for playing my songs, and keeping them spinning in your jukebox! I am humbled by your support and I am looking forward to a great year of music and sharing, energy and ideas with you.

The first big event of my year is the release of ‘Foundations: MFCS’, an exciting new acoustic album with the duo of myself and the very talented Austrian guitarist and singer-songwriter Christoph Schellhorn.

After touring Germany and Austria together last fall— and cementing some unbelievable musical chemistry— we recorded 10 of the most appreciated Morgan Finlay songs, and tracked a bonus 11th song, ’Let Me Down Gently’ which joined my setlist on the Landmark Tour.

‘Foundations: MFCS’ will be released on April 23rd… on the first night of the brand new Brave Souls Tour! 

Starting in Weilburg on April 23rd, the tour will see MFCS rocket across Deutschland, through Switzerland, and into Austria for the wrap-up on May 16th in Vienna. It’s another powerful three weeks of nearly non-stop stage and this time Christoph and I will play the entire tour together. 

(AND— I won’t be using my Bahncard 50; first time in six years going all-autobahn..!)

It has been such a pleasure sharing the stage with Christoph and if you saw us on the Landmark Tour then you know how this vibe lifts off in the live setting. I can’t wait for you to hear the magic we created on 'Foundations: MFCS'— and I hope you will connect with us on the Brave Souls Tour!

So join us to kick off the countdown to the new album and the first tour of 2015 on *Saturday, February 21st*, when we will post the official tourdates to the new!.. in the meantime, be well my friend and I thank you always for tuning in and getting involved.

truly, Morgan


december 25, 2014 in Vancouver

dear friends and MF Inner Circlers,

It’s been a triumphant year of life! And I hope that as you sit back in the couch right now, with your favorite drink in one hand and your phone in the other, and you read these words you are feeling relaxed and peaceful.

To those of us having a difficult holiday season, I dedicate this message to you and wish you courage and good people within reach.

Let the light shine through... Merry Christmas! from Morgan

december 1, 2014 in Vancouver

Greetings my friends,

...and Happy Sunday, from an icy west coast of Canada, across the nation and back out to the highways and stages of Europe. I wish you the very best of the ongoing autumn, and raise my glühwein to you and a relaxing holiday season coming up!

It’s already been over a week since I returned from the very fun-- and very speedy!-- Landmark Tour. From Bonn to Berlin, Wolfenbüttel all the way to Wiener Neustadt, I had an amazing time on the road playing for lovely listeners in great rooms, one after the other.

I want to thank each and every one of you, who came out to hear me play and tell my stories; picked up an album, and brought my songs home. It was my honour to be there with you and I’m already looking forward to seeing you out there again in 2015!

I’d also like to shout out right now to my road compadres Christoph Schellhorn and Mathew James White; gentlemen, it was a great pleasure to roll with you and light up these stages. Can't wait for the next

So now, to honour all the great moments from the road, I’ve put together a brand new *99 Shots* gallery of my favorites from the Landmark Tour; three weeks of electric and soulful musical situations!.. and some of the points in between, that made this tour so special.

My many thanks to the following people who took pictures and video and audio, throughout the tour, whose pictures are featured in the *99 Shots* gallery:

Anne Köhler

Christina Werner

Flo Göttler

Frederik Eisenbeiser

Kirsten Ewald

Kirsten in Reichenbach

Lara Dittrich

Manuel Lippert

Martina Dreher

Markus Dörfler

Micha Reich

Onkel Kaktus


Ruben Bruder

Thomas Schneibel

Torsten Rudolph

Udo Eisenbeiser

Uwe Kind

Still more hyper-cool pictures were taken by Markus Dörfler, Susanne Dinhobl and Birgit Fass for my upcoming ‘Best of MF’ release with Christoph Schellhorn; watch for updates on this and much more as we break on into 2015!

So sit back and plug in with us, and the *99 Shots* of the Landmark Tour photo gallery; and THANK YOU once again for support, and for a brilliant tour.

alles very gute! from Morgan

november 16, 2014 in Wiener Neustadt

MFCS rings through Franz Kaspar's KF Acoustics!

Word up my friends, from Wiener Neustadt, where the brother Christoph Schellhorn and I are in the thick of recording our 'best of MF' album, with local studio legend Franz Kaspar. How GOLDEN these songs sound! Coming together like a dream. (And of course, with the help of the Schnitzelhaus, Puntigamer and some very strong coffee) Coming to your hard drive in April 2015!
Of course all this comes on the heels of a *dreamy* Landmark Tour... night after night, after night of warmth and sharing and togetherness along the roads of Deutschland, the Czech Republic and into Austria. It all went by so fast! And already we will soon be posting updates about the spring tour, rolling through three countries; keep it locked for some exciting concert announcements! Meanwhile, here's a little YouTube video of Christoph and I, and Stefan Nobis freaking out on my newest song, 'Let Me Down Gently', in Adorf; video by Micha Reich. Viel spass! 


foto Torsten Rudolph
november 5, 2014 in Prague

Mid-point on the Landmark Tour; Prague!

Rumbling on along these beautiful roads of Deutschland, time has flown by and we've somehow arrived at the midway point of the Landmark Tour. Show on show, kilometer after kilometer, room after blessed room has been full of warm souls, listeners and friends. Four shows in now with the mighty Christoph Schellhorn and we are fully warmed up for the MFCS sessions that will kick off in Wiener Neustadt on November 16th... recording the 'best of MF featuring CS'! Our duo cruised into Prague on a high and we had an unforgettable time. Now-- on to the final stretch of the tour, through the East due North to Berlin and beyond, all the way down to Austria for the closing night. You can keep up to the moment on Facebook right here. WAY inspired!!  

october 23, 2014 in Bonn
foto: Manuel Lippert
The Landmark Tour kicks off in Bonn!!

An amazing start to the Landmark Tour, last night in Bonn... One million thanks to all the people who came down to celebrate the start of my ninth European tour with me! Onwards we go south, north, east to west along the most exciting roads I know. Stay further tuned with posts to my Facebook page here!


oct 21, 2014 in Mainz

Yessss... out on the road again!!

Greetings from Mainz my friends... I made it overseas just fine (thank you BA!) and now I am charging batteries and doing some pre-tour einkaufs with Sven & Sabrina in this lovely little river town.

All lies ahead and I am so excited to be back in Germany... and soon my beautiful friend Austria. The only thing that is some sad is to be so close to my beloved Switzerland, and not visiting-- this *definitely* feels wrong. But I promise to right that soon! exciting details to come...

Tomorrow, a blast up to Herne and on to Köln for the night, before Friday night at the Mausefalle in Bonn to launch the Landmark Tour on Georg's oberhammer stage. I am so THRILLED to be out again and I can not wait to play for you and connect again!!.. please do check out the Landmark Tour schedule here for the date closest to you.

Meanwhile, feel free to say hello on Facebook or Twitter or join our Inner Circle email list... there's always a story to tell.

So until the next; be well, and thank you for reading and keeping connected!

liebe gruss from Morgan  


sept 15, 2014 in Vancouver
** Final dates for The Landmark Tour! **

 at the Mausefalle, in Bonn (Germany)

25.10 at an exclusive MF IndieGoGo house concert, in Untereisesheim (Germany)

26.10 at an MF Inner Circle Studio show, in Wuppertal (Germany)

28.10 at an exclusive MF IndieGogo house concert, in Schwerin (Germany)

29.10 with Mathew James White at the Raucherkate Wattenbek, in Wattenbek (Germany)

30.10 with Mathew James White for the ISSFO at Cafe Instinkt, in Sankt Peter-Ording (Germany)

31.10 with Christoph Schellhorn at Suedpunkt, in Nurnberg (Germany)

1.11 with Christoph Schellhorn at Scala, in Adorf (Germany)

2.11 with Christoph Schellhorn at Laden 16, in Reichenbach (Germany)

3.11 with Christoph Schellhorn at Chapeau Rouge, in Prague (Czech Republic)

5.11 with Christoph Schellhorn at the Kulturhof, in Zickra (Germany)

6.11 at Dachboden, in Chemnitz (Germany)

7.11 at a private loft show, in Leipzig (Germany)

8.11 at Erreichbar, in Berlin/Kreuzberg (Germany)

9.11 at an afternoon living room concert, in Berlin/Kreuzberg (Germany)

11.11 with Christoph Schellhorn at Herzog Heinrich, in Wolfenbuettel (Germany)

13.11 with Christoph Schellhorn at the Strohalm, in Erlangen (Germany)

14.11 with Christoph Schellhorn at the Kulturschranne, in Dachau (Germany)

15.11 with Christoph Schellhorn at Mary's Coffee Pub, in Wiener Neustadt (Austria)

16.11 with Christoph Schellhorn at the New Backstage, in Bad Fischau (Austria)

Can NOT wait to get out and play for you!! Enjoy the summer and see you soon,

Alles bestens from Morgan


july 24, 2014 in Vancouver

I'm into counting right now. Little numbers, big numbers, long and short numbers. No, not the Math 11 stuff-- blech. The straight-forward, add and subtract and multiply stuff.

So it was that last night, before passing out I counted *89 days* until I land in Frankfurt and head north to the Mausefalle in Bonn to kick off the fall tour!! I can already taste the road on the tip of my tongue; I can hear the sound bouncing off the back walls, I can feel the laughter and the handshakes. My eyes push forward, looking over the horizon, wondering about where the next strecke turns over the ridge.

Beating towards the fall, I am SO happy and proud to unveil the final autumn tour schedule *this Saturday morning!* There will be twenty shows across Germany and Austria, and my first-ever show in the Czech Republic; along this brave routing there will be new songs and timely surprises, fantastic and warm new venues, and little stories a year in the making. 

So my friends, check your computers in 48 hours, and bring out your calendars!!

Back in Vancouver, yesterday I played music for my friends' daughter Rea. Her bright little eyes took in the rhythm and the notes and from there they reflected across some plane. I find it fascinating to imagine how these things are digested by the human brain and shaped into understandable bits, pushed and rolled and packaged along paths of consciousness. I could never really understand how it all works, and unless she becomes a neuroscientist, she will never really know either. What I do know is that there was a string of flickers, and she was driven to create. And, it was the cutest thing.

june 25, 2014 in Vancouver

Hello to good times under the Westcoast sun... Caramba! The city has suddenly gotten hot and lazy walks on Main are of the order.

The best news I'd heard all day was that the software/cable-age for my studio rig will now be done by the weekend! Someone you know is going to be spending a hella lotta time indoors.

I brought my book out tonight for a little walk, finally. (I have to admit that there is a connection between my writing pace and my studio being ready to record...) I love movement when I write, and of course having paper and pen right there to scribble.

When I got home I went looking for copies of 'Splice' (my second EP) in my stash and funny, I cannot find a single copy. I remember Laura and I putting that album together on my living room floor in the Beaches; literally, slicing and folding the album inserts, putting the Kinko's-printed cardboard into the slim cases. I'd decided I was going to break up the manufacturing process and save some desperately-needed funds. (I didn't)

And with that, I think I'll end this note by giving a quick shout-out to Toronto; sure you are getting lots of sunshine and making the days count. I guess all those hard times we shared were setting up these better ones.

The final schedule for the fall tour is only waiting on two last confirmations in the east, including one in a country that I will play in for the first time ever. Official specs soon!


june 9, 2014 in Kelowna

Plugging back into the picture... good morning, world!

Hope that you are enjoying the start of the sunny season, wherever this finds you... for my part, I have arrived in Kelowna just last night and am all set to do as little as possible, in the company of one of my dearest bros ever, Nick.

So nothing much to do except... dream forward to next week and my next trip to the music store. The picture above is a selfie taken on Fraser, some three minutes after I picked up the next piece of the puzzle.

All that is left to collect, to complete the foundation of the new MFHQ studio is a couple of good microphones... then, as you know that will take us along the road to the next round of demos!

As I pace the floor gently and gather inspirations that are coming into me from all angles, I am reminded again and again that life just happens in it's own due course, for it's own reasons. I'll credit time and experience for helping me realize that there is no point in sitting around stressing about what is, or isn't.

What better place to catch up with myself, than the lovely, sun-drenched Okanagan.

april 28, 2014 in Vancouver

More good times as the sunny season comes into the light.... Buenos dias from Vancouver.

I just bought a bike and so I am out and enjoying the improving weather. Next up: a new computer! It's (VERY) high time to get back into the studio and get some songs down.... I'm jumping out of my skin with excitement at what this city, this time of year, the projects in my mind will bring.

We've added four more dates to our already very busy fall tour calendar... check them out below and on the tourdates page!

And don't forget to write me on the contact page if you have an idea, a concept, a request or a question. All are welcome.

Meantime, enjoy the present, eat your vegetables and don't forget to get some sleep.

april 1, 2014 in Burnaby

Hello my friends! Best of the season to you...

Today is a special day that I've been waiting for since Manchester, when the first ideas of the new tour took shape... and now I can finally present to you; the *first draft* show list for the fall tour!

october 24.14
Mausefalle/Bonn (DE)
october 25.14 
exclusive IndieGoGo house concert/Untereisesheim (DE)
october 28.14 
exclusive IndieGogo house concert/Schwerin (DE)
october 30.14
with Mathew James White at Cafe Instinkt/St. Peter Ording (DE)
october 31.14
with Christoph Schellhorn at Suedpunkt/Nurnberg (DE)
november 1.14
with Christoph Schellhorn at Scala/Adorf (DE)
november 11.14
with Christoph Schellhorn at Unplugged/Wolfenbuettel (DE)
november 13.14
with Christoph Schellhorn at the Strohalm/Erlangen (DE)
november 14.14
with Christoph Schellhorn at the Kulturschranne/Dachau (DE)
november 15.14
with Christoph Schellhorn at Mary's Coffee Pub/W. Neustadt (AT)
november 16.14
with Christoph Schellhorn at the New Backstage/Bad Fischau (AT)


There is a lot of motion that will still happen in this schedule so please keep checking back...

A huge piece of news, that fits directly into the fall tour is a spring 2015 release of a collaboration with my friend and brilliant roots guitarist Christoph Schellhorn! We will record ten Morgan Finlay songs together in November, chosen from the past four albums and brought to a new level with our twin guitars, voices and additional 'rootsy' instrumentation. Keep checking back as the updates and information around this will definitely appear on the Inner Circle boards!

There's so much going on and going forward into 2014 you will hear all about it.... as always on my Facebook page but increasingly, right here at home. Thank you for being part of the MF experience!!

february 5, 2014 in Burnaby

Tune in to Herms' Promi Corner for a Morgan Finlay interview on the radio, tomorrow and next Thursday!!

Near the end of the Lucky Strokes tour, I squeezed in a great discussion with Herms Kruse, who broadcasts on Germany's most popular station for Emergency Services (firefighters, ambulance etc) called Radio 112 ( and also on Radio RZ.1 ( 

Herms was a terrific interviewer who had clearly done his homework and our back and forth was engaging and fun. AND... entirely in German!!

He has put together a two-part show, and the first part airs on Radio 112 and Radio RZ.1 on:

* TOMORROW-- Thursday, February 6th at 22h (in DE/AT/CH/SLO) 
(1pm in Vancouver, 9pm in Wales)

Part two of our interview airs one week later: 

* Thursday, February 13th at 22h

So listen in and spend an evening hour with Herms and I, and a mix of your favourite MF tunes, tomorrow night and next Thursday! And pass the word on!

january 15, 2014 outside London

Now that I've rocked a Reading Christmas, a wicked jam night at the Beehive in Swindon, a week of walking and climbing beautiful south Wales, a blasting return to the Duke on New Year's Eve with Buffalo Summer, visits in Wilmslow and Selby, a five-day holiday with myself in Manchester, and an epic 27km walk from Swindon back to Reading, it's time... to fly back to Vancouver.

Updates to follow-- West Coast-style!! Hope you are having a great start to the year my friends.

december 25, 2013 in Reading

dear friends,

I wish you a very Merry Christmas! ... golden moments to enjoy with your favorite people, or inspired moments by yourselves.

Wishes of peace and joy are of course, quite cheezy but I'm glad there's a time of year to remember these ideals and try to put them in front of the other clutter.

Thanks for being a part of this great musical year for me. This last album and tour really kicked off a turning period for us and I am eternally grateful for you picking up albums, coming out to shows and helping to spread the songs.

See you in 2014,

yours truly,


december 1, 2013 in Bad Fischau

We've received several printed reviews for Fault Lines, and also for the Lucky Strokes Tour!!... it's always so nice to read it 'in print'. Check out the first four writings, that we've translated and published on the 'fault lines reviews' page. More to be published as soon as they are through the translating mill (thanks Kaddy and Shore-Less); please hold!

november 24, 2013 in Barcelona

It's been *one fantastic night of soul after the other* in the last couple weeks-- WOW... the best mid-tour stretch ever. And yes... you read right... I am finally getting a moment to post... from the very over-the-top cool Barcelona!

Pinki took this shot from his and Andrea's living room in Wiener Neustadt, in the middle of a truly unbelievable night of song with the astounding Christoph Schellhorn.... you guys will NOT believe how good we sounded together AND you can be sure that there will be some collaborations in 2014.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for a super thrilling UK date announcement coming in days!!
november 8, 2013 in Darmstadt

Greetings from under the fall rain in Hessen!.. taking a nice pause this afternoon to reflect, before a fun living room concert/90th birthday party here in Griesheim. Frank and Doris purchased it through our IndieGoGo Fault Lines campaign this summer... so exciting to fill another perk!!

Night after night, this tour has been so positive and friendly, connected and vital. Through each and every city and village, it´s not a stretch to say this has been my best tour to date... meanwhile it´s a THRILL to show people this Fault Lines booklet of ours!

Next up, we rumble through the Black Forest to Switzerland, and on to Austria! I love to be back in my southern homes and can´t wait to see you guys out there...

Here below are the latest "Lucky Strokes Tour" updates, all the way into the holiday season; see you out there!

november 8.13 at a house concert, in Darmstadt (Germany)
november 9.13 at Dreikoenig, in Erlangen (Germany)
november 15.13 at Cafe Limba, in Villingen (Germany)
november 16.13 with Mathew James White at the Sonnenkeller, in Balingen (Germany)
november 17.13 at a living room concert, in Zürich (Switzerland)
november 18.13 at Hofcafe Corosol, in Freiburg (Germany)
november 19.13 at Das Gestalterei, in Ittigen (Switzerland)
november 22.13 at a house concert, in Wiener Neutstadt (Austria)
november 23.13 at Sublime, in Aflenz (Austria)

december 5.13 at Kulturhof, in Zickra (Germany)
december 6.13 with Mathew James White at the Laden 16, in Reichenbach (Germany)
december 7.13 with Mathew James White @Altes Lehngericht (am Markt) in Augustusburg (Germany)
december 8.13 with Mathew James White at the Scala Adorf, in Adorf (Germany)
december 10.13 at Reichbar, in Berlin/Kreuzberg (Germany)
december 11.13 at Cafe Shila at TU Berlin, in Berlin (Germany)
december 12.13 at the Meuterei, in Berlin/Kreuzberg (Germany)

december 13.13 at the Casablanca in Bad Iburg, with Mathew James White (Germany)
december 14.13 at the Räucherkate in Wattenbek, with Mathew James White (Germany)
december 15.13 for the Official Fault Lines Tour end at the Rubin Rot, in Koeln (Germany)
december 20.13 at a living room concert, in Bordesholm (Germany)

december 21.13 at a living room concert, in Blumenthal (Germany)
october 17, 2013 in Giessen

Greetings from the end of the night after a very personal Ulenspiegel show (thank you Stephan and Quasar Entertainment!)...

Here below, is the latest Lucky Strokes tour schedule! You can always check it
out on the tour dates page as well-- but well, why not just look at it here too.

october 18 @ James Joyce (Bonnerstrasse), in Koeln
october 19 @ Bergschlosschen, in Herne
october 20 @ living room concert, in Neuenkirchen-Voerden
*NEW* october 21 @ private living room concert, in Solingen
*NEW* october 22 @ private living room concert, in Duisburg
*NEW* october 23 @ private concert, in Nijmegen (NL)
*NEW* october 24 @ private house concert, in Moenchengladbach
october 29 w Mathew James White @ KulturCafe, in Mainz
october 30 @ living room concert, in Leipzig

november 1 @ private living room concert, in Northeim
november 2 @ living room concert, in Berlin/Ragow
*NEW!* november 6 @Heidelberger Kreis, in Heidelberg
november 8 @ private living room show, in Darmstadt
november 15 @ Cafe Limba, in Villingen
november 16 w Mathew James White @ Sonnenkeller, in Balingen
november 17 @ house concert, in Zürich (CH)
*NEW!* november 18 @ Hofcafe Corosol, in Freiburg
november 19 @ Das Gestalterei, in Bern/Ittigen (CH)
november 21 @ TBA, in Graz (AT)
november 22 w Christoph Schellhorn @ living room concert, in Wiener Neustadt/Bad Fischau (AT)
november 23 @ Sublime, in Aflenz (AT)

november 30 @ TBA, in Ljubljana (SLO)
december 5 @ Kulturhof, in Zickra
december 6 w Mathew James White @ Laden 16, in Reichenbach
december 7 w Mathew James White @ TBA, in Augustusburg
december 8 w Mathew James White @ Scala Adorf, in Adorf
*NEW!*  december 11 @ Cafe Shila at TU Berlin
december 13 w Mathew James White @ Casablanca in Bad Iburg
december 14 w Mathew James White @ Räucherkate in Wattenbek
december 15 @ Official TOUR END SHOW at the Rubin Rot, in Koeln
december 21 @ living room show, in Blumenthal

october 3, 2013 in Wuppertal

Greetings folks! With the first two shows of the Lucky Strokes Tour under our belts, this mail finds me resting in Wuppertal with the most satisfied feeling-- it's been a *terrific* start to the tour with a very special Inner Circle debut in Dusseldorf on the 1st, followed by last night's cracker at the Mausefalle in Bonn!!

The new songs are taking life and shape on stage, and it is so inspiring and wonderful to watch them breathe in these rooms for the first time... I am having the most fun with my sets that I have ever had.

Tomorrow it's on up to Wattenbek for a fun night of song with Anja and Ines and friends!! Can't wait to head north again...

Meantime, CHECK OUT Kyle James-Patrick's new video for 'When This Long Road Ends'!! So honoured and proud.

september 28, 2013 in Castlemaine

IT'S TIME my friends!!

With one week until our official Lucky Strokes Tour opening night at the Mausefalle in Bonn, here is the most up-to-date tour schedule!
(more details on the 'tourdates' page)

There are more dates being confirmed as I write this, so please do check back soon...

I hope you see your town on the list, and if you don't-- and you think it belongs there (it does!)-- please email Tammo for a private living room concert!

october 1 for the Inner Circle 'Fault Lines' album release, in Düsseldorf (Germany)
october 2 for the Official 'Fault Lines' album release at the Mausefalle, in Bonn (Germany)
october 4 at a private living room concert, in Wattenbek (Germany)
october 5 at a living room concert, in Buchholz in der Nordheide (Germany)
october 8 at freundlich + kompetent, in Hamburg (Germany)
october 10 for a Radio T Live event, in Chemnitz (Germany)
october 11 at the Dachboden, in Chemnitz (Germany)
october 13 at the Rack n Roll, in Remscheid (Germany)
october 17 at Ulenspiegel, in Giessen (Germany)
october 19 at Bergschlosschen, in Herne (Germany)
october 20 at a living concert, in Neuenkirchen-Voerden (Germany)
october 29 with Mathew James White at the KulturCafe, in Mainz (Germany)

november 1 at a private concert, in Northeim (Germany)
november 8 at a house concert, in Darmstadt (Germany)
november 10 at TBA, in Heidelberg (Germany)
november 15 at Cafe Limba, in Villingen (Germany)
november 16 with Mathew James White at the Sonnenkeller, in Balingen (Germany)
november 17 at a living room concert, in Zürich (Switzerland)
november 19 at Das Gestalterei, in Ittigen (Switzerland)
november 21 at TBA, in Graz (Austria)
november 22 at a house concert, in Wiener Neutstadt (Austria)
november 23 at Sublime, in Aflenz (Austria)
november 30 at TBA, in Ljubljana (Slovenia)

december 5 at Kulturhof, in Zickra (Germany)
december 6 with Mathew James White at the Laden 16, in Reichenbach (Germany)
december 7 with Mathew James White at TBA, in Augustusburg (Germany)
december 8 with Mathew James White at the Scala Adorf, in Adorf (Germany)
december 11 at Cafe Shila at TU Berlin, in Berlin (Germany)
december 13 with Mathew James White at the Casablanca, in Bad Iburg (Germany)
december 14 with Mathew James White at the Räucherkate, in Wattenbek (Germany)
december 15 for official tour end at the Rubin Rot, in Koeln (Germany)


** Check back soon to get the latest dates...
...and watch FinlayTV (YouTube) for a GREAT new video release on October 1! **


september 14, 2013 at Cutstone

Return to Cutstone! After travelling across the planet in the last three weeks, It's finally.... a very relaxing day here as I gather stock of all the wonder that has taken place this summer.
I'd have to say that the biggest and best news of all right now is *the success of our Fault Lines campaign*!...

Together, with the help of 79 funders, we raised 161% of our funding goal and the production of 'Fault Lines', and the touring of the album along the 'Lucky Strokes Tour', is a fact!! My thanks could never be truly expressed.


september 1, 2013 at Cutstone

Well my friends, song voting is done!! It's been thirty days of voting and I thank each and every person who has jumped in and helped us decide which tracks to publish as part of my new album, 'Fault Lines'.

1. All of Me Key
2. When This Long Road Ends
3. Everything About Me
4. Fault Lines
5. Take This With You
6. The Hard Way
7. Your Quiet Place
8. Blow by Blow
9. Lover CTDHL
10. Stations
11. Stand Here Alone
12. The Fisherman's Son
13. How Would I Know

Now it's on to the mixing and mastering stages... thrilling times! Stay tuned; there could be a 'pre-mix' released in the next days...

Thanks for support as always, and keep checking back for updates!

[from Morgan]
september 1, 2013 in Shanahill

Check out the official promo shot for the Lucky Strokes Tour, by Dominik Dunsch!!

More of his stunning work at

august 11, 2013 in Shanahill

Welcome to the *all new*!

New design, new home, new workability, new features, easier nav.... it's all here and I am THRILLED to be welcoming you!

We will be finding new and exciting ways to involve you in the MF process as we settle into the place.... including the return of the home of the MF Inner Circle. It's been too long...

Please feel free to drop me a line any time on the contact page, and let me know your thoughts.

Meanwhile, have a listen to the new demos and cast your votes for the tracklist of 'Fault Lines'.... it's all in your hands!

Have a great rest of the weekend,

[from Morgan]
august 6, 2013 in Ireland

LEDERER, Regensburg; photo by Gino Wurl

Up goes * 99 Shots: Best of the Fault Lines Tour * !

Re-visit the moments of my best tour yet, that took place from April 1 to June 24, 2013, just by scrolling through the images that are sectioned into groups of 20. Roll your cursor over the '99 Shots' link on the left, to begin!

My many thanks to every person involved, those in front and behind the camera, in front and behind and on-stage.

Can't WAIT to get out there again!... the fall tour will begin on October 1, 2013.... stay tuned for updates on the tourdates page!

Meanwhile, please come over to my campaign page on to pre-order my album or choose another of 9 cool 'perks', to help me raise money to make and tour my next album 'Fault Lines'! Your support is truly appreciated.

Best of days my friends and enjoy '99 Shots'!

[yours truly, Morgan]
august 1, 2013 in Ireland

Well, my friends!! After gathering inspirations from all across Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Los Angeles, East Vancouver and Western Ireland, I offer to you (finally!) this evening these 17 demos that YOU can vote on, to decide the tracklist for my fourth full-length album, 'Fault Lines'. What a task to bring it all together and I especially want to thank you for patience, and the MF Inner Circle for carrying the ball while I have been tied up in the studio!

Now... please do dive in, have a listen and vote!

First, click on the * LISTEN link on the left to hear all 17 songs.... then to vote for up to 12 favourites, you will find a nice clean form that you can tick boxes in, behind the * VOTE link.... and finally, if you would like to go the extra mile for this album and help me produce and tour it, you can click the * SUPPORT link (THANK YOU!) which will take you to our Fault Lines IndieGoGo campaign page, where we are crowdfunding to pay for the production, printing, promotion and touring of the album...

(Don't forget: all supporters in the Fault Lines campaign will not only receive the first copies of Fault Lines available, but also will see their names printed in the album booklet itself!)

A million thanks to you for listening to my songs and coming out to see me play over the years.... today we push forward into the next album and along the road together. Please take the time to listen and vote!!

* AND *... please keep in mind guys: these are only DEMOS!.. not final song versions. They will have more performances added-- there are several GREAT musicians set to play on this album, that haven't yet recorded-- and the songs that are chosen will be fully revisited and touched up. You can imagine these things as you listen!

So have fun with it and enjoy your summer out there! Send me a note any time at the contact link on the left...

[yours truly, Morgan]