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With only a handful of days left in the Newfoundland adventure album sessions, local star photog Ritche Perez shot all the MF action, from the studio to the fields and the cliffs. Too many great shots of the land and sea, and the recording sessions and the ambience, to even mention. Suffice it to say the album booklet is going to be *stunning*, especially when we add in Annie's cabin shots, Jess' everywhere shots and Nico and my's snapshots.

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Monday, July 27 in Calgary

Words from Alberta everybody! It's a couple hours layover here, before the night flight to St. John's. What a whirlwind it was, in the lead-up to my last day on the coast!
I can hardly believe that I managed to do most everything I needed to do, and see most everyone that I wanted to see, although I will surely remember something that got forgotten once I am on the other side of the country(!!)...

Last night before I left, was the third of three super-special hometown living room shows, that featured an opening set from the Whiskey Nobles! The vibes in the room, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, were so warm and friendly that I was just in heaven. Many of the people who came had never been to a house concert before, and I can say with confidence that these nights were unforgettable for everyone.

Time to go and find some food before shuttling on to the next flight-- holy COW this is really happening!! Only 7.5 more hours until Adrian and Jess pick me up from the airport in Newfoundland, and I wander into St. John's to get my first good impressions. Here we go my friends!


Two weeks left in St. John's!

Hello my friends, and happy August!

It has been a fantastic month here in Newfoundland and it is hard to believe that we are already halfway through this wild and wonderful NL experience. It has been inspiring on a number of fronts and I can't wait to finally release the demos that I have written, in September!! As of tonight, I've written 20 songs that will forever encapsulate the experience, the vibe and the memories of Newfoundland for me. And I expect still more demos in the next nine days...

With less than two weeks left on the Rock, my focus has shifted to what needs to be finished before I leave on August 31st. The progress of the recordings has been smooth and I am expecting to record three wonderful local players on mandolin, accordion, guitar and more next week.

The thanks that I need to send out are MULTIPLE-- and very heartfelt-- but first and foremost I must thank everyone who funded this fabulous IndieGoGo project, and the pivotal Adrian & Jess, and Andrea. None of this would have looked the same, or felt the same, without your support. XO

Stay tuned for updates from the final stretch on the Rock, and all points forward including Halifax, Bridgewater, Toronto and Sevilla... before the road takes over and we are saddled up and ready to hit the New Harbours Tour!!
Goodness, how I love to get out there... and how I can't wait to play these songs for you, my friends.

So onwards! Enjoy the rest of the summer out and please drop a line any time to info at morganfinlay dot com. Alles gute and thank you as always for checking in and reading along!

truly, Morgan



Is it time to fly yet??

Wednesday, July 15 in the West End

Here's wishing you a BEAUTIFUL day my friend! I'm back and walking it off in the big city, pacing out the moments one after the other in these last 12 little days of Van time.
How on earth to fit all my favourite hometown things into this tiny stretch?! 

Well, time IS elastic isn't it-- one minute you can hear the tick of the clock in the still and quiet, and the next minute it wants to explode out from under your skin. 

SO IT IS-- with the dawn of this exciting Newfoundland adventure so close at hand!! At the same time as I've been personally reaching out to contributors to give thanks, writing songs, being present in final visits with friends, packing my suitcase and my moving bins (and going to my last dental appointment this afternoon-- Youch!), my wonderful homegrown Newfoundlander friends Andrea, Adrian and Geraldine have been stirring up great options on The Rock for accommodations, musician connections, designers and photographers and more.

Meanwhile, I've spoken with salt-of-the-earth people at the Long & McQuade music store in St. John's, and at the t-shirt/hoodie print shop; it feels GREAT to include as much Newfoundland talent and skill as possible into our album! 

So there is a burst of activity going on as we rush forward towards the flight on the 27th... watch this page for pictures and stories as we roll!! So many exciting things to come, and it's all because YOU are making it happen.  

Yours truly, Morgan


Friday July 3, 2015 in North Vancouver

It has been an unbelievable ride. In the 47 short days of our campaign on IndieGoGo, we have blown past our goal to land at 149% funded!!

This means all kinds of good things for my new album, and for the entire Newfoundland project; this means that the music can take place in a relaxed frame. It means that I can afford to give some money to the musicians... it means that I can hire a great photographer, and make a full-colour album booklet.

It means that a strong bunch of people who enjoy my music, have come together to help me make more of it.

It will be days before it all sinks in... in the meantime, THANK YOU to all who supported our campaign, to the IndieGoGo MF Inner Circle team who broadcast our efforts to the world, to all who enjoy my songs but were not able to support, and to all who patiently endured my frequent emails and posts.

The next countdown-- because there's always a countdown!--  is at 24 days until my flight to The Rock!! My writing book will be out from the moment we leave the ground in Abbotsford. What an amazing time to create.

More updates as they happen, in this amazing MF summer!!

All the best from the coast, and thank you for helping this exciting new album come true,

from Morgan


Newfoundland album/IndieGoGo


Fault Lines

by Morgan FInlay

Morgan Finlay's brand new album sees a country vibe cross with his already very personal folk style, resulting in his most uplifting release to date.
  1. 1 Buy [Info] The Everything About Me 03:48
  2. 2 Buy [Info] Blow By Blow 03:10
  3. 3 Buy [Info] The Fisherman's Son 03:04
  4. 4 Buy [Info] Fault Lines 02:43
  5. 5 Buy [Info] Take This With You 00:43
  6. 6 Buy [Info] Stations 03:50
  7. 7 Buy [Info] The Hard Way 03:35
  8. 8 Buy [Info] Stand Here Alone 02:15
  9. 9 Buy [Info] Lover CTDHL 02:47
  10. 10 Buy [Info] How Would I Know 03:21
  11. 11 Buy [Info] All Of Me Key 03:30
  12. 12 Buy [Info] Your Quiet Place 02:41
  13. 13 Buy [Info] When This Long Road Ends 02:36

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  • My uncle's friend has a cannon. Lunenberg. #homecannon #boom #catchafire #morganfinlay #novascotia #whathappensontour
    My uncle's friend has a cannon. Lunenberg. #homecannon #boom #catchafire #morganfinlay #novascotia #whathappensontour
  • Time to cross the Atlantic. #theatlantic #feelinglarge #morganfinlay #morganfinlay #mfnewfoundland #illmissye
    Time to cross the Atlantic. #theatlantic #feelinglarge #morganfinlay #morganfinlay #mfnewfoundland #illmissye
  • The triumphant day that was, of writing in Mount Pearl. Race you to YellowBelly. #sunshine #songwriting #morganfinlay #mfnewfoundland #yellowbellybrewery
    The triumphant day that was, of writing in Mount Pearl. Race you to YellowBelly. #sunshine #songwriting #morganfinlay #mfnewfoundland #yellowbellybrewery
  • ONE fresh pint of Fighting Irish Red Ale, after our SUPER cool online concert today up on Barter's Hill for IGG supporters. See you in Sevilla, my good and noble friends! @yellowbellybrew #stjohns #yellowbellybrewery #fightingirish #newfoundland #mfnewfoundland #morganfinlay
    ONE fresh pint of Fighting Irish Red Ale, after our SUPER cool online concert today up on Barter's Hill for IGG supporters. See you in Sevilla, my good and noble friends! @yellowbellybrew #stjohns #yellowbellybrewery #fightingirish #newfoundland #mfnewfoundland #morganfinlay
  • Word to the worried. #whatmeworry #stjohns #morganfinlay #mfnewfoundland #wisdom
    Word to the worried. #whatmeworry #stjohns #morganfinlay #mfnewfoundland #wisdom
  • Noble Nico's gone home; drowning my sorrows in some new shades in St. John's (thank you Sarah). Haircut, you're next. Photo @jess_roberts090 #ilovesnewfoundland #mfnewfoundland #morganfinlay #whiteshadesyousay
    Noble Nico's gone home; drowning my sorrows in some new shades in St. John's (thank you Sarah). Haircut, you're next. Photo @jess_roberts090 #ilovesnewfoundland #mfnewfoundland #morganfinlay #whiteshadesyousay


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