* Final dates for the Fall Tour 2014 are now posted! *

24.10 at the Mausefalle, in Bonn (Germany)

25.10 at an exclusive MF IndieGoGo house concert, in Untereisesheim (Germany)

26.10 at an MF Inner Circle Studio show, in Wuppertal (Germany)

28.10 at an exclusive MF IndieGogo house concert, in Schwerin (Germany)

29.10 with Mathew James White at the Raucherkate Wattenbek, in Wattenbek (Germany)

30.10 with Mathew James White for the ISSFO at Cafe Instinkt, in Sankt Peter-Ording (Germany)

31.10 with Christoph Schellhorn at Suedpunkt, in Nurnberg (Germany)

1.11 with Christoph Schellhorn at Scala, in Adorf (Germany)

2.11 with Christoph Schellhorn at Laden 16, in Reichenbach (Germany)

3.11 with Christoph Schellhorn at TBA, in Prague (Czech Republic)

5.11 with Christoph Schellhorn at the Kulturhof, in Zickra (Germany)

6.11 at Dachboden, in Chemnitz (Germany)

7.11 at a private loft show, in Leipzig (Germany)

8.11 at Erreichbar, in Berlin/Kreuzberg (Germany)

9.11 at an afternoon living room concert, in Berlin/Kreuzberg (Germany)

11.11 with Christoph Schellhorn at the Unplugged, in Wolfenbuettel (Germany)

13.11 with Christoph Schellhorn at the Strohalm, in Erlangen (Germany)

14.11 with Christoph Schellhorn at the Kulturschranne, in Dachau (Germany)

15.11 with Christoph Schellhorn at Mary's Coffee Pub, in Wiener Neustadt (Austria)

16.11 with Christoph Schellhorn at the New Backstage, in Bad Fischau (Austria)

How I can't wait to get out and put my teeth into these GREAT stages. Be with us!


I'm into counting right now. Little numbers, big numbers, long and short numbers. No, not the Math 11 stuff-- blech. The straight-forward, add and subtract and multiply stuff.

So it was that last night, before passing out I counted *89 days* until I land in Frankfurt and head north to the Mausefalle in Bonn to kick off the fall tour!! I can already taste the road on the tip of my tongue; I can hear the sound bouncing off the back walls, I can feel the laughter and the handshakes. My eyes push forward, looking over the horizon, wondering about where the next strecke turns over the ridge.

Beating towards the fall, I am SO happy and proud to unveil the final autumn tour schedule *this Saturday morning!* There will be twenty shows across Germany and Austria, and my first-ever show in the Czech Republic; along this brave routing there will be new songs and timely surprises, fantastic and warm new venues, and little stories a year in the making. 

So my friends, check your computers in 48 hours, and bring out your calendars!!

Back in Vancouver, yesterday I played music for my friends' daughter Rea. Her bright little eyes took in the rhythm and the notes and from there they reflected across some plane. I find it fascinating to imagine how these things are digested by the human brain and shaped into understandable bits, pushed and rolled and packaged along paths of consciousness. I could never really understand how it all works, and unless she becomes a neuroscientist, she will never really know either. What I do know is that there was a string of flickers, and she was driven to create. And, it was the cutest thing.

july 24, 2014 in Vancouver

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  • Musical chairs; Vancouver. #vancouver #lunchtime #vag #boldandblue #iheartvancouver #sundaytimes
    Musical chairs; Vancouver. #vancouver #lunchtime #vag #boldandblue #iheartvancouver #sundaytimes
  • Reflections, in season. #nature #sunnyday #reflections #lookup #vancouver
    Reflections, in season. #nature #sunnyday #reflections #lookup #vancouver
  • Home, James. #mainstreet #nightsend #vancouver #wearelights
    Home, James. #mainstreet #nightsend #vancouver #wearelights
  • Crowing over City Hall. #vancouver #crows #forthebirds #cityhall #righttimerightplace #birds
    Crowing over City Hall. #vancouver #crows #forthebirds #cityhall #righttimerightplace #birds
  • Pay no mind to that little 1 in the corner. #freeride #fineprint #whosbuying #hurryitsfree #dealornodeal #pricecheck
    Pay no mind to that little 1 in the corner. #freeride #fineprint #whosbuying #hurryitsfree #dealornodeal #pricecheck
  • Sitting below the Seawall when this lady leans over the edge and says "I've got something for you." Drops it down to me. #secondbeach #hugtime #vancouver #openyourmind #passiton #humanity
    Sitting below the Seawall when this lady leans over the edge and says "I've got something for you." Drops it down to me. #secondbeach #hugtime #vancouver #openyourmind #passiton #humanity


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