The 'New Harbour' mix kicks off!

photo ©2015 Torsten Rudolph
Monday, November 2 in Chemnitz

Good morning from the sunny East!

It's a beautiful start to the week out here in Chemnitz, as we reach over the halfway point of this terrific New Harbours Tour... WHAT an unbelievably warm and connected string of stages from the last 5 weeks on the road. I send my very best wishes to everyone who has been there, and everyone who will be there in the next five weeks!
(check out the tourdates page for all coming shows)

And now, finally... we have arrived at a huge stage for 'New Harbour', our Newfoundland album; it's time to mix and master these ten songs and make them glow, in time for the release on December 1st! The album could not be in better hands, than those of the fine folks at SoundJack Tonstudios; between Stephan, Norman and Jacko these songs are becoming so big and bright!! Just the way I dreamed them when I wrote them.

To say that I am excited and happy is a huge understatement. This album, these songs and all the supporters and friends who have gotten involved, and followed along since the IndieGoGo kick-off in June... all mean so much to me. I am so proud of what has come about since then, and I am absolutely BURNING to make you the best album of my career so far. These songs have come alive, night after night since I hit the road and I am literally looking forward with a heart full of positivity and confidence every time I get to roll them out.

So... back to work here!! Please keep it locked on the site here for updates, and meanwhile of course you can check out my Facebook page for up-to-the-minute details and pictures. Thank you so very much for coming on this mission with me my friends!!


Coming to a floor near you!

photo ©2015 Simon
Monday, October 12, in Heidelberg


We are fully up and running along the roads of the New Harbours Tour.... steering through one fantastic room after the other. Filled with wonderful people and always a feedback loop of appreciation, warmth and reflection. It's a flurry of positive energy and I am having the time of my life out here!

Please click on through to the tour dates page, or the BandsInTown calendar on the right to find yourself a seat the next time I'm around.

Alles bestens! from Morgan

The song voting is COMPLETE!!

Saturday, October 3 in Remscheid

It's a huge day for me, and for our Newfoundland album! After all the writing, the recording, the demo posting, then finally the song vote... and over a month of anticipation since I left St John's...
it's time to release the names of the ten songs that have made the album tracklist.

Thank you infinitely for your patience as I added up the votes and move from town to town on the New Harbours Tour!

The top-voted songs (from a record number of MF voters!) are:

#1. Quiet Harbour
#2. The One That Got Away
#3. My Good & Noble Friend
#4. Oh The Good Times
#5. Microscopic
#6. Until The Next Time
#7. So Courageous
#8. The Prayer
#9. Pixels
#10. Sun Dogs

I LOVE these song votes!! and it has been a THRILLING time, to see your names come into my inbox and then put check marks beside the songs that 'grabbed you' the most. Many people have asked me, 'What about the songs that don't make the vote?'.. and the answer is that 1) some will be played live and so will live on in this way, and 2) one song is going to become a video, shot in the mixing studio, that is going straight to FinlayTV. More on all this later...

Thank you all once again, so very much for participating and helping to shape this album. It has come together in the most beautiful, organic and Newfoundlander way and will be close to my heart forever.
Now-- to work this thing into a masterpiece! It's on to some more recording, of my own parts and of Stephan Nobis' astonishing piano, then to the mix and master, all the while building the album booklet which will be bigger and bolder than ever.

Please do drop a line any time, and in the meantime of course I hope that we see you at a coming show!

All the best from the road, from Morgan


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Fault Lines

by Morgan FInlay

Morgan Finlay's brand new album sees a country vibe cross with his already very personal folk style, resulting in his most uplifting release to date.
  1. 1 Buy [Info] The Everything About Me 03:48
  2. 2 Buy [Info] Blow By Blow 03:10
  3. 3 Buy [Info] The Fisherman's Son 03:04
  4. 4 Buy [Info] Fault Lines 02:43
  5. 5 Buy [Info] Take This With You 00:43
  6. 6 Buy [Info] Stations 03:50
  7. 7 Buy [Info] The Hard Way 03:35
  8. 8 Buy [Info] Stand Here Alone 02:15
  9. 9 Buy [Info] Lover CTDHL 02:47
  10. 10 Buy [Info] How Would I Know 03:21
  11. 11 Buy [Info] All Of Me Key 03:30
  12. 12 Buy [Info] Your Quiet Place 02:41
  13. 13 Buy [Info] When This Long Road Ends 02:36

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  • It all makes sense, somehow. First-ever MF tabs; thx Sven! #morganfinlay #newharbourstour
    It all makes sense, somehow. First-ever MF tabs; thx Sven! #morganfinlay #newharbourstour
  • Watching the clouds roll away. Nienburg. #benched #Weser #Nienburg #ichliebedeutschland #morganfinlay #newharbourstour
    Watching the clouds roll away. Nienburg. #benched #Weser #Nienburg #ichliebedeutschland #morganfinlay #newharbourstour
  • Are you ready? Five steps forward, one step back. #youknowthattheyknow
    Are you ready? Five steps forward, one step back. #youknowthattheyknow
  • Life and surroundings; travelling through a million-piece puzzle.  #spreewald #cottbus #ichliebedeutschland #onefineday #morganfinlay #newharbourstour
    Life and surroundings; travelling through a million-piece puzzle. #spreewald #cottbus #ichliebedeutschland #onefineday #morganfinlay #newharbourstour
  • And there she was, shining through the trees. On a little afternoon walk for an old friend Nicole Vehrs. Rest, you hilarious, honest and courageous friend.
    And there she was, shining through the trees. On a little afternoon walk for an old friend Nicole Vehrs. Rest, you hilarious, honest and courageous friend.
  • Icons of Linden. Hannover. #icon #ichliebedeutschland #hannover #linden #morganfinlay #newharbourstour
    Icons of Linden. Hannover. #icon #ichliebedeutschland #hannover #linden #morganfinlay #newharbourstour


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